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QuadraCare for Nursing Services


QuadraCare believes the home health agency nurse is an integral component in contributing to the success of a patient’s home infusion experience.

  • Patient evaluation and assessment, charting of overall patient progress, as well as other functions such as catheter dressing changes and laboratory blood draws are of utmost importance in the provision of care.

  • QuadraCare realizes that the home care nurse relies upon the home infusion pharmacy to coordinate the timely delivery of medications and supplies in order to ensure a productive and efficient nursing visit.

  • As a result, QuadraCare has established an interactive communication network to coordinate the delivery of home infusion supplies and medications prior to the arrival of the home care nurse.

  • By working closely with the physician, discharge planner, and the home health nursing agency, QuadraCare provides all necessary information to the home health nurse for the successful preparation and completion of therapy.

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